Tourist Insurance by Armeec Insurance JSC

Everyone expects eagerly a long planned trip or excursion. Excited about the upcoming event we rarely think about any unforeseen situations that may arise – an accident, a sudden and acute illness, any need of legal assistance, a trip cancellation, earlier departure or flight delay and suchlike.

Armeec Insurance Jsc will take care of the insurance protection of your customers against such unexpected events. Thus they will be able to fully enjoy their trip.


The Travel Assistance insurance is designed both for people who like to travel around the world and business travellers who do this as a routine.

This insurance will help you no matter whether you need medical, legal, or any other assistance such as solving problems with luggage or anything else.

Depending on the customers wish the insurance coverage may include the following: the cost of medical treatment and medications following an accident or acute illness; emergency dental aid costs; daily allowance in case of hospitalization; death or permanent disability; legal defence costs; theft of personal belongings; or third-party liability.

Customers can rely on 24-hour customer assistance centre for guidance as well as for executing payments to the healthcare facilities and organizations that have provided help to the insured.


For Bulgarian and foreign citizens traveling in Bulgaria or abroad.

In case any unforeseen situations require the cancellation of already planned and paid trip, besides disappointment there is a significant loss of money. Trip cancellation insurance covers exactly these non-refundable costs paid before the trip.

But what if any unforeseen situations make the trip for the planned vacation impossible? Who will refund your costs? What if you suddenly have to leave in the middle of your vacation?

If you take out a Trip Cancellation insurance, you will be covered should any of the aforementioned situations take place. Armeec Insurance Jsc will reimburse its customers for all non-refundable expenses incurred prior to the trip, which cannot be refunded by the tour operator due to trip cancellation, as well as the portion of the cost of services not rendered because the trip has been cut short or prematurely terminated.

A trip can be cancelled for medical or non-medical reasons such as an illness or an accident suffered by the insured, their close relative or business partner, fire or burglary that have taken place in the home of the insured, professional obligations preventing the trip or similar reasons.

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