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Cheap International Money Transfers

Cheap International Money Transfers with Paysera

The leading Lithuanian Fin – Tech company Paysera LT offers international money transfers in the European Economic Area (EEA) for 0.15 EUR within a single day.

Paysera LT entered the Bulgarian market with innovative service for international payments, which will meet the needs for banking fees optimization of the majority of small and medium-sized companies.

“Currently the price of an international money transfer is min. 9 EUR, and many companies pay between 20-50 EUR, depending on the amount of the transfer”, says Martin Bogdanov, CEO of Paysera Bulgaria. “Using the SWIFT system, a single currency transfer would reach the final beneficiary within 2 working days. Paysera entered the Bulgarian market with the aim to provide quality, reliable and fast international money transfers with rates of 0.15 EUR per transaction in the EEA via IBANs for legal entities and for individuals the first 30 transfers each month are free. Another advantage is that the transfer is delivered within a short period of time – in a single day, but usually it is happening in 2-3 hours.”

Paysera is ambitious to become a good alternative to some of the banking services. The company also plans to market certain financial services to merchants, such as a payment gateway via bank accounts, credit cards, SMS and other methods, a system for managing electronic tickets for events, etc. Paysera offers international VISA card, which is very attractive for payments in euros.

About Paysera

Paysera is an electronic money institution licensed by the Bank of Lithuania, which allows it to conduct business related to the issuance of e-money and payment services in the European Union. Martin Bogdanov is the Executive Director, representing Paysera in Bulgaria. Mr. Bogdanov has held senior positions in two of the top 5 leading banking institutions in the country.

Online Services

Unlike bank institutions, the services offered by Paysera are available entirely online, and even the opening of an account does not require a physical visit to a branch. This explains why the opening of an account, its monthly maintenance, and web banking are completely free for the users and are available seven days a week. With Paysera users can transfer their funds at any time of the day, and thanks to the extensive network of Paysera partners, international money transfers are made at the affordable price of 0.15 EUR for EEA and outside it – usually for 3.25 EUR for companies and individuals.

Any company or individual can open a free account online at The registration in the Paysera system is easy and is divided into levels, depending on your needs. In case of any difficulties, the local office will assist the companies and the individuals and it will facilitate the registration process.

You can meet with Paysera LT at Go2Balkans exhibition on 17th and 18th October in Inter Expo Center, Sofia. Also you can learn more about Paysera on their presentation at 17th October – 11:00 h. in Presentation Corner at Inter Expo Center, Hall 1. 

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